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Easy Access

  • Multi-platform cloud program  accessible from any device with internet

  • Provide the whole crew access to the same schedule 

  • Supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

  • Scheduling completed on a computer- use phones and tablets just for viewing the schedule. 


  • Schedule the brewing process from the beginning of a brew to the finished product

  • Facilitate the job of the scheduler and provide a clear visual representation of what is happening in production

  • Effectively communicate within production and with other departments in the brewery

User Friendly

  • Using drag and drop, easily make changes in brew, filtration or packaging dates

  • Change fermentors, brite tanks or beer styles

  • Within moments of receiving a last-minute change request, determine whether the change is viable and make the necessary adjustments. 

For Everyone

  • Two types of users: Admin and guest/viewer

  • Admin creates and edits the schedule

  • Guest/viewer can view the schedule but not make changes.

This is the BrewPlanner free version. An optional BrewPlanner Pro paid version is under construction that will provide access to additional features.