Easy Access

  • Multi-platform cloud program  accessible from any device with internet

  • Provide the whole crew access to the same schedule 

  • Supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

  • Scheduling completed on a computer- use phones and tablets just for viewing the schedule. 


  • Schedule the brewing process from the beginning of a brew to the finished product

  • Facilitate the job of the scheduler and provide a clear visual representation of what is happening in production

  • Effectively communicate within production and with other departments in the brewery

User Friendly

  • Using drag and drop, easily make changes in brew, filtration or packaging dates

  • Change fermentors, brite tanks or beer styles

  • Within moments of receiving a last-minute change request, determine whether the change is viable and make the necessary adjustments. 

For Everyone

  • Two types of users: Admin and guest/viewer

  • Admin creates and edits the schedule

  • Guest/viewer can view the schedule but not make changes.


BrewPlanner Base (previously the free version)

  • $65/month after 1 month free trial (charging starting Feb 1st)

  • $700/year (10% savings)

BrewPlanner PRO- Being released soon!


  • $130/month 

  • $1400/year (10% savings)

    Additional features included in BrewPlanner PRO:

    • Full MRP for inventory and raw materials planning

    • Reports

    • Sales orders and purchase orders

    • Additional users



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