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  • Schedule every step of the brewing process

  • Easily adapt to the constantly changing demands

  • Increase operating efficiency

Communicate and Coordinate

Seamless MRP

  • Manage raw materials and inventory

  • Create and send purchase orders and sales orders

  • Control the schedule and BrewPlanner does the rest

Reporting and More

  • Print key reports of all production data

  • Additional users 

Some of the quality breweries from around the world that BrewPlanner has helped to elevate their craft

"BrewPlanner has undoubtedly marked the turning point in Fuegian’s productive area. It has become the formal communication channel between the managing team, brewers, packaging and quality control. It has also become our “black box” as we gradually recorded brewing, fermentation and packaging parameters, allowing us to track down and investigate upon inconsistent results. It proved to be a very “user friendly” platform, allowing workers with multiple capacities to work together and speak one language. It’s not easy to say in what percentage the efficiency was increased. For us, it was the step needed to professionalize our work. It was a change in paradigm."

Gustavo, Fuegian Beverage Company- Argentina

"The visual aspect of the program is great... it saves me time and communicates to everyone better!”
Aaron, Crane Brewing Company- USA

"BrewPlanner est devenu un outil indispensable de planification de la production dans nos 2 brasseries!"

M. Nicolas Marrant, Microbrasserie Charlevoix- Canada

"BrewPlanner es fundamental para planificar la producción en nuestra cervecería. Nos ayuda a coordinar las cocciones, inoculaciones, filtradas, embarriladas y enlatados. La materia prima se va comprando en función a lo planificado. Es muy flexible y amigable, y si hace falta, permite hacer cambios de manera rápida e intuitiva. Podemos preveer los problemas o cuellos de botella que vamos a tener más adelante. Nos da un paranorama general de toda la operación. El soporte es excelente y es en español." 

José, Bierhaus- Argentina

"BrewPlanner is a magnific software for planning the production of brewery.  It is the best way to optimize resources and increase the production with an easy read"
Juan Pablo, Cerveza Castelo - Argentina

  • Share the schedule with the entire crew

  • Coordinate work with sales, marketing, production, packaging, and distribution

*BrewPlanner PRO feature​s

*BrewPlanner PRO feature​s

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