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New Feature Update- Filter by Section

Updated: 3 days ago

Too many tanks to get a good view? Now you can zoom-in on just one section.

Now available in both BrewPlanner Base and MRP- get a zoomed-in view of your dashboard by selecting only the sections you would like to see.

Note: Drag and drop is disabled when only certain sections are visible.

(Version 2.54.7* and above. Please refresh your browser to access new version)

How do we decide what features to add next?

We periodically send out surveys asking what new features our users would utilize most.

Have an idea or suggestion?

Send it to us so we can include it on our next survey!

* To find the version you're on, select "Help & contact" from the upper left-hand menu, scroll all the way to the very bottom and it is in the lower right-hand corner.

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