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Daniel Page

Founder & Designer

Dany is an award-winning master brewer with over 20 years of craft brewing experience, having co-founded Upslope Brewing in Boulder, CO and Beagle Brewery in Argentina. He is also recognized for his canning equipment and brewing software innovations.


Jeronimo Carrizo

Technical Co-Founder

Jeronimo has over 20 years of experience as a full-stack developer working with notable companies including Amazon, Ipsy, Citibank, Disney, and Intuit-Quickbooks.  He is recognized for his customer-driven, innovative, and scalable solutions.


Lesley Page

General Manager and Customer Success

Lesley brings over 18 years of international teaching and business experience to the team.  She champions customer satisfaction, training, and opportunity identification.


Viviana Redondo

QA and Business Analytics

Viviana is a serial entrepreneur who has over 15 years of business, computer systems, and systems analysis experience. Her strategic orientation and attention to detail enable her to implement comprehensive tests and verifications.

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Alan Sullivan

Sales & Marketing Manager

Alan is a brewing entrepreneur with more than 20 years in the market. He founded and managed Cork Brewing Co for 17 years, the first in Latin America to produce IPAs and extreme beers marketed in its line of bars in Argentina and Chile. He specializes in Beer Strategy and Marketing and also serves as a product consultant for the Fuegian Beverage Co brewery in Ushuaia, Argentina.


Lou Faust

Board Advisor

Lou brings over 30 years of experience having run three institutionally funded companies and spent 10 years on Wall Street with Salomon Brothers where he was the Managing Director of Global Operations.


Woody Rubin 

Board Advisor

Woody is an executive with extensive business and legal experience who is recognized for building robust business relationships.  He is currently leading a 75-person team as the President of a Fortune 200 company.

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