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Feature Update- Daily To-Do List

Updated: 3 days ago

Forget the whiteboard, create and track your to-do lists right from the dashboard

...on your computer or mobile!

Daily task to-do lists- available now in both BrewPlanner Base and MRP.

Add all your daily tasks, split up by department. Assign them to a specific person if you'd like.

Tasks can be viewed, edited and checked off by any user (including view-only) on computer or mobile.

Save the whiteboard for a nice drawing, but stick with BrewPlanner for your to-do lists!

(Version 2.52.6* and above. Please refresh your browser to access new version)

Learn More-

How to create direct access to a website on your phone

Note: this is not a mobile app. However, the daily tasks can be entered, edited and checked off on a mobile phone. Add a direct access button to your homescreen for faster access. Create direct access on iphone Create direct acces on Android

* To find the version you're on, select "Help & contact" from the upper left-hand menu, scroll all the way to the very bottom and it is in the lower right-hand corner.

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