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Choose the plan to best Elevate Your Craft 

Virtual representation of production environment
Real-time anywhere access
to production schedule
Sales ordes &
Purchase orders
Additional Users
Visually intuitive and adaptable dashboard
(raw materials &
inventory management)
Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 7.48.41 AM.png

  • Understand the main tasks of the day or week

  • Distribute tasks according to manpower or equipment availability

  • Move a brew or packaging to a different day and visually see how these changes will affect the rest of the schedule

  • Plan ahead of time, being proactive and not reactive

Facilitate coordination

of tasks

  • Quickly and easily make changes to the schedule 

  • Virtually see ahead of time how these changes will affect the packaging team, cellars team or even the sales team

  • Use as an interface for communication in a weekly meeting with the production and sales team to ensure that everyone is on the same page

Understand effects on other areas

  • Easily understand the capacity or limitations in production 

  • Check viability of changes to dates, beer styles, quantities, etc. 

  • Demonstrate to all members of the team what the capacity is and find creative solutions to increase efficiency.

Understand limitations and capacities of the brewery

Limitations icon-black.png
  • Understand raw material needs, especially when changes are made.

  • Determine when and where yeast can be pulled from or if there is enough of a specific ingredient in stock. 

  • Assess staffing needs and plan accordingly.

Gain awareness of ingredients and staffing availability

  • Multi-platform cloud program 

  • Provide the whole crew access to the same schedule 

  • Supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

  • Scheduling completed on a computer- use phones and tablets just for viewing the schedule. 

Easy Access

Multi-platform cloud access
  • Schedule the brewing process from the beginning of a brew to the finished product

  • Facilitate the job of the scheduler and provide a clear visual representation of what is happening in production

  • Effectively communicate within production and with other departments in the brewery


Awareness icon.png
  • Using drag and drop, easily make changes in brew, filtration or packaging dates

  • Change fermentors, brite tanks or beer styles

  • Within moments of receiving a last-minute change request, determine whether the change is viable and make the necessary adjustments. 

User Friendly

drag and drop
  • Two types of users: Admin and guest/viewer

  • Admin creates and edits the schedule

  • Guest/viewer can view the schedule but not make changes.

For Everyone

two users- schueduler and viewer or observer
 BrewPlanner MRP additional features
  • Inventory tracked behind the scenes of the scheduling dashboard

  • All raw materials linked to the scheduling icons

  • You make the brew schedule, BrewPlanner takes care of the rest!


Inventory management

Inventory management

  • Full MRP (material requirements planning)

  • One quick glance at the dashboard gives an overview of raw material availability

  • Colored notificaitons alert to the need to order raw materials

  • Produce, send, and confirm purchase orders and sales orders



  • Track all QC data right from the dashboard

  • Print full reports of any specific batch


QC data.png

QC and Batch Reports

  • Reports of all changes made to inventory of a specific item and by whom

  • Reports of completed finished products

  • Reports of planned batches or packaging

  • Task report of any given day



Raw and finished goods reports

  • Add additional users with either admin or guest privileges

  • Track all changes made to inventory and by whom 


Extra users

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